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COURSES THAT TRANSFORM provides life changing courses from scratch in various genres of study. Each course is packed with information that will provide knowledge for quick learning. Although these online courses are not accredited courses, you will learn skills that you can monetize, taught by accredited Instructors with many years of hands-on experience and higher education in the subject matter. Check out the list of courses below and get registered today!

  • How To Write Grants (Coming Soon)

  • Probability & Statistics (Coming Soon)

  • Play the Piano in 3 Weeks (Coming Soon)

  • How to Start a Viable Business (Coming Soon)

  • How to Publish a Book in 30 Days (Coming Soon)

  • How To Complete A 501c3 Package (Coming Soon)

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Dr. Iris F. Perkins

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"I am passionate about knowledge and empowerment. Therefore, I help people stretch beyond their average expectations so they can reach their highest potential and take advantage of opportunities that wouldn't ordinarily be available to them . . . and I enjoy every minute of it." DR. IRIS FRANKLIN PERKINS, aka, “Dr. I. P., the Doctor for the Soul,” is also a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author.

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